These Smartphone Technologies Will Become a Trend in 2018

New technologies emerging will undoubtedly change the future and will affect all human experience in various aspects of life and civilization. Current technological developments are growing rapidly. Included in the realm of smartphones. What do you think about the latest Mobile Phone Tech?

Every year, we will definitely see great changes and innovations in the smartphone world. The reason, at this time not only as a medium of communication media but also the part lifestyle. Since 2017, many advanced smartphone technologies have been introduced to the public. Well, in 2018 is predicted to emerge a lot of new technology more sophisticated and increasingly popular in the community. The proof now has a lot of smartphone products popping up with a variety of advanced features and attractive designs that are ready to pamper its users.

USB type C

In 2018 is predicted to be the more new smartphone that comes with a USB Type-C port. This indicates a Micro-B or 2.0 USB port will no longer be a trend. Because USB Type-C has several advantages, of which can be used in alternating position, different from 2.0 that can only be used in the up position. In addition, USB Type-C is also claimed to help faster the process of document transfer and can charge faster, though not supported by Fast Charging capabilities.

Augmented Reality

In addition to artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR) technology or artificial reality is widely used by a number of technology companies. This technology is considered to be quite potential if used for the future. In order to adopt AR, users only need a device equipped with a camera like a smartphone. As a result, a number of imaginary objects can appear on the phone screen after the user activates the application that has adopted this technology.

Battery with large power capacity

In addition to features, battery power capacity on the smartphone is also an important mining. This year it is predicted that many smartphone manufacturers will install large-capacity batteries. Unfortunately, in order to get a large-capacity battery, the smartphone body was forced to make a big one. Yes, the average smartphone with a large capacity has a slightly larger body to accommodate bubble battery itself. Though the user needs a thin phone, sleek and ergonomic to easily enter the pocket and carry it everywhere.