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Wheelchair Ramps For Stairs

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Wheelchair ramps for stairs – A wheelchair ramp is an inalienable plane. That allows uninterrupted movement of wheelchairs in addition to the wheeled objects. When you are making a ramp, the appearance you should take into consideration is the level of inclination. It is better to opt for a long ramp than a small one. And also sensible to opt for less vertical and rougher surfaces. It is always recommend to stay away from accidents. Also be sure to keep a flat surface on the spout and a plane surface at the base of the ramp. Remember, for the most part, the weight falls on the huge rear wheels of a wheelchair; however, as a person moves down, the weight of the slope is larger on the small wheel wheels. For this reason a good landing surface of the alteration is suggest at the base of a ramp.

Amid the wheelchair ramps for stairs. You can opt for your preferred ramp in numerous wheelchair showrooms. The located in Philadelphia, New Jersey or newer York. You can opt for the enduring or temporary handicap ramps of which some ramps are portable, which means they are intend for vehicles and so on. It is possible to build cemented concrete ramps, wood. However, they should be kept adequately to prevent putrefaction and warping. The most excellent ramps are made of materials such as textures aluminum, as they can be folded without difficulty; also they are light as well as excellent takeaways.

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When we refer to of the wheelchair, it is essential to be aware of the various types of ramps for wheelchair transportable. There are certain folding ramps that bend from the inside and a suitcase ramp also has handles so you can carry. The next type of ramp that is the telescopic ramp and can extend to the necessary stature. And there are also threshold ramps that can be use indoors as well as outdoors. There are also roll ramps up of wheelchair ramps for stairs which possess a hinge design which allows for practical bending for storage purpose. It is possible to fold multi fold wheelchair ramps twice.

Storage Shelves Under Stairs

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Shelves under stairs – Take advantage of all the space you can use is important. Especially if your home is not big. Under the stairs is a great place to find extra space. The easiest way to use this is to include the area and install the access door. Great space to save games and other items that you don’t use every day. If your stair covers drywall, you can open a door, frame area, add some shelves and have instant storage. The disguise doors can manage by add some decorative molding to the visual interest to the wall instead of plain.

Depending on the amount of space you have at the shelves under stairs. You can add lighting and a small table or draw shelves as an area table. It is also a great kids’ room, to make it into big fort or playhouse. After all, space is probably the size of the child. The most advanced use of this space may require the offered to add shelves or pull cabinets for packing paper storage to make it a gift for the center. You can keep all your supplies packaging long sleeves; And after completing the task, nothing to get rid of it. Close and wash and clean one more time.

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Best Shelves Under StairsSize: 1000 x 1000

If your stairs more easily accessible to the kitchen, you can do the storage shelves under stairs for all the great products that are too big for the kitchen or closet. Use it to store the equipment is not use every day or an extra dish you use for the holidays. You can wear a great color space and lighting. You can find a good place to experiment with different uses, as it would be a shame to waste valuable space. A word of warning: always make sure that the door can be opened from the inside if used for storage, as it could be a cozy place for small children playing skin and searching.

Your New Stair Tread Caps

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Stair Tread Caps – From simple straight but elegant straight flights to beautiful. Hardwood spirals or the most elaborate sweep helical design, the new staircase will provide a stunning focal point to your home or workplace. But sometimes the terminology involve can be a bit confuse, so here’s a step by step guide to your new ladder.

Stair tread caps are part of the steep ladder. Tread “depth” is measure from the outer edge of the stairs to the vertical “riser” between the stairs. “Width” is measure from one side to the other. Riser Stairs: Riser is a vertical section between each tread on the stairs. This may be lost to the “open” ladder effect, depend on build codes. Stair Nosing: The edge of the tread protruding above the riser underneath.

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Wooden Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 672

Wood Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 765

Vinyl Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 768

Rubber Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 768

Retro Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 768

Pine Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 768

Pergo Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 576

Oak Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 768

Metal Stair Tread CapsSize: 1024 x 768

Maple Stair Tread CapsSize: 996 x 768

The first step or Bull nose: Where stair treads caps opens on one or both sides. The first step above the lower floor may be wider than the other steps and round. The ledge usually forms a semicircle around the circumference of the rounded portion and the handle has a horizontal spiral called “volute” that supports the top of the ledge. In addition to the cosmetic appeal, the initial step allows the ledge to form a wider and more stable base for the end of the handle.


Repairing Stairway Chandelier

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Stairway Chandelier – Ceiling lamps, create a more intimate species of atmosphere in a room, because the light does not glimpse into the ceiling, but moved down closer to facing level. Most hanging light sets come with cloth cables that enclose the wiring line from the ceiling canopy to the accessory and are much longer than they have to be, so you can adjust these parameters. You can install hanging light instead of any existing ceiling lighting fixture, then control it from the same switch.

Cut to the room in the house circuit box. Set your ladder below the existing stairway chandelier. Climb the ladder and remove the existing lamp by loosening the visible screws and pulling it down. Disconnect the cables where the links between the appliance and the exposed ceiling electrical box are located. Unscrew and remove the mounting plate from the old lamp.  Locate the mounting plate in your new mounting kit. Connect it to the electrical box with the supplied screws.

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Pull the cable ends down around or across the board, depending on your design. Take the new accessory up to the ladder, holding the device itself in one hand and the ceiling canopy in the other, letting the connecting stairway chandelier cable hang between them. Adjust the accessory at the top of the ladder, and raise the roof part of pallium up to the roof.

Fixing Outdoor Stair Treads

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Outdoor stair treads – Broken or worn treads is a huge security risk. Step covered with rubber or vinyl may be cracked or warped due to environment and temperature. Replacing a single step is a difficult task that can sometimes involve removing a good part of the staircase. An alternative repair solution is to install the new replacement tire treads to whole staircase directly over the existing ones.


Pull up and remove all the existing outdoor stair treads covering, such as carpet or vinyl to expose the underlying pattern base. Wash off the debris and inspect for damage. Nail down any loose or squeaky areas, and fill cracks or splits with epoxy nose seal. Let dense dry completely before proceeding. Use a circular saw, cutting away a part of the tread base (bull nose) extending beyond the riser. When finished, it should be flush with the riser. Use a chisel to chip away hard base area closest to the bottom plate. Use sandpaper to smooth out the rough areas, if needed.

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Measure each pattern base individually and, if necessary, cut the new outdoor stair treads to size with a circular saw. Completed step in a standard width of 11½ inches fits most staircases, but you may need to make some minor adjustments to fit your stairs. Use angle finder to determine if you need to make some cuts specialty. An angle viewfinder sits atop a straightedge level and shows the degree of existing angles. Secure with finishing nails. Seal nail holes with wood putty. When dry, color putty to match so it matches the finish of the stairs.

Finishing With Metal Stair Nosing

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Metal Stair Nosing – Finishing the front edge of the ladder is crucial to the overall appearance of the ladders. Installing staircase nose moldings is one of the most important parts of making stairs look good and work properly. Molding is available in plastic, metal, and wood. A metal cutting blade can be used in both metal and plastic, and a wood cutting blade should be used in wood molding. Measure the distance from one side of a stage to the other.

Cut the end of the metal stair nosing molding of the ladder with a miter saw to secure a cut square end from which to measure. Place the end of the measuring tape on the square cut end of the mold and mark it according to the width of the step. Cut the mold with the miter. Make a 1-inch mark on each end of the mold. Measure from one end of the nose mold part of the ladder and make marks every 6 inches.

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Metal Stair Nosing TreadSize: 1024 x 699

Metal Stair Nosing StyleSize: 1000 x 750

Metal Stair Nosing SmallSize: 1253 x 940

Metal Stair Nosing IdeasSize: 1024 x 768

Metal Stair Nosing BestSize: 1280 x 960

Since the majority of molded metal stair nosing hangs over the front edge of the step, be sure the marks are far enough from the front edge of the mold that the nails will fix it to step. Drill pilot holes in the marks with a 1/16-inch drill bit. Drill the top of the mold to the chips that are produce due to the perforation are locating at the bottom of the mold.

Secured Braided Stair Treads

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Braided stair treads – As a rule of thumb, any kind of carpet placed on the steps to be unsafe. The key to keeping your stairs safely if you use braided rug stair treads install correctly using the right upholstery and carpet anchors. When the steps are installed correctly, the steps do not go anywhere. Carpet padding is a non-slip pad placed beneath each step. The padding has a rubber coating that grips both stairs and tread. This approach prevents the tread from moving and dragging anchors. This, in turn, prevents the anchor from coming loose and causing the tread to sort out.

Matt anchor tacks are placed on both sides of each step to keep the tread permanently in place. The pin is a type of spike imported permanently in the wood of your stairs, so the wood will be slightly damaged. Whatever the damage, this step when using braided stair treads, as each tread is independent of the rest.

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DIY Braided Stair TreadsSize: 1024 x 768

For those who do not want to use the mat anchors, the option to use a long, braided stair treads. This type of mat can be installed using matte dowels secured to the back of each step. The advantage of this route is that the carpet is held firmly in place without any damage to the carpet or stairs.

Practical Metal Spiral Staircase

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Metal spiral staircase – We saw in the post of floating stairs how in duplex or two-storey dwellings the staircase can become the essential focus of the decoration. Becoming occasions practically a sculpture. This is also the case of the spiral staircases that we will see today. An architectural element that undoubtedly becomes the center of attention of the entrance or the living room. Because wherever it is place is impossible to go unnoticed.

The metal spiral staircase has as its main advantage its undoubted aesthetics. Thanks to the hypnotic effect produced by a spiral in the human eye. As well as a reduction of the horizontal space, since they only occupy in the width the diameter that you want to give them, while Straight stairs need several meters in length horizontally to reach from the first step to the last.

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Metal Spiral StaircaseSize: 940 x 571

However, metal spiral staircase also has some disadvantages. And is that in general they tend to be much less practical than single-ladder stairs. Imagine having to climb a mattress, or a mattress upstairs! In addition, although they occupy less space in horizontal. They do so in volume. And also in its own way forces them to be place in the center of a room (or at least not stuck to the wall). So that they are often a nuisance To relocate the furniture.

Simple And Practical Modular Staircase

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Modular staircase – Stairs are a constructive element, but what if they were something versatile, like furniture we have at home? Under this idea proposes a ladder with modules of different formats that easily adapt to both houses and offices, as industrial or work spaces. Inspiring by structure and shape of a water slide and made of fiberglass polyester. This modular spiral staircase can be manufacture in any color of RAL chart. Thus making it one more element of our furniture Home that is really your goal. A personal and non-transferable ladder. Each module weighs 20 kg and measures 75 x 80 x 95 cm.

This modular staircase with a garden under its steps has been one of favorite photos in this journey of almost two years. Thanks to its attractive and practical design at same time it has slipped into number one ranking this week. If you still do not know this ladder, you can visit it then and then. Get ready to know all pictures of incredible houses, interesting and that show that appearances deceive.

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Wooden Modular StaircaseSize: 800 x 1049

Simple Modular StaircaseSize: 800 x 1032

Modular StaircaseSize: 800 x 939

Modular Staircase SystemSize: 1024 x 768

Modular Staircase RailSize: 800 x 890

Modular Staircase PaintSize: 800 x 1080

Modular Staircase IndoorSize: 934 x 1292

Modular Staircase HomeSize: 1024 x 644

Ideas Modular StaircaseSize: 1077 x 1332

Modular staircase open up a new possibility of space when considering what can be done with stairwell. Sometimes, there is nothing to do, because there is no specific need; Others, however, can take advantage of that space and incorporate some type of furniture. Such as cabinets, shelves or other decorative elements. Such as  this small garden made of stones and a couple of plants .

Quick And Simple Prefabricated Stairs

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Prefabricated stairs – they are more than a fashion; they are a quick, simple and stylish way to have a staircase. They are call with prefabricated. Because they are ready to be install, they do not need to be build on the site. This type of stairs has brush strokes of minimalist style, which for a house of any style look good. In this case, because they are simple and light, you can take advantage of the space below them, as we see in the image.

To not only have a few pieces of steel standing there, it is important to decorate it around. The good thing about these simple stairs is that you can play with the colors and style of the environment. These hanging stairs are ideal for those modern houses that like the same style. These stairs prefabricated stairs are also prefabricate and unlike the first these have pendants that serve to give you more stability and safety to the stairs.

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Prefabricated StairsSize: 1000 x 623

The advantages that this type of stairs offers is to reduce the space and that only one area is destine for the staircase in vertical form. Its one of another example of prefabricated stairs spiral.  In addition, it brings elegance and class to your home. Usually spiral staircases have handrails, however it is advisable not to have as it loses visibility and style. But without this, it can be a dangerous ladder, especially for children.